When I share concepts with a client - I usually either email the files to them, or upload to invision. Saving and attaching to an email takes time, while invision has plenty of features I don’t neccessarily need. This is why I came up with fdbck.

The idea

Sharing a design concept with a client shouldn’t take more than 2 clicks inside sketch.

Web app

Once finished uploading, the browser will open with a direct link to your prototype. There, you’ll be able to either share the link and start getting comments, or edit (design, change texts) to make your presentation beautiful. Alternatively, you can just upload the files directly in the browser.

Visual Language

Since the target market is designers, building a sophisticated but friendly design language was very important for this product.


I've also put effort into the small details. Menus, tooltips, and such.
My goal was to make it smart but simple.

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