How much is 2+2?
I'm sorry, I don't have answers to ALL of your questions.
I can only guess the answer is 'elephant'.
Keep asking, I can see you're hungry for knowledge.
What is life?
The truth lies somewhere between 'yes' and 'no'.
I'm so smart, sometimes I surprise myself.
What else can I help you with?
Should designers code?
I don't know. Should turtles speak greek and eat sphagetti?
So designers should maybe code!
Why won't you let me type my own questions? Are you really that smart?
Bitch please. I'm so smart, I PREDICT your questions.
Now let me predict your next question please.
Are bots the future of the internet?
It's spelled ThE iNtErNeTz. please correct and ask again.
Ok Ok. Are bots the future of the ThE iNtErNeTz?
One more question, before you'll have to go premium.
Who created you? and why?
I was created by Ariel Verber, an apple that read so many articles calling bots the future of everything, while as of today, they're just a more exhausting UI that sit inside battery draining chat apps.
Read more about it in his article.
And sorry, premium version is not available yet ;)