Hi. Hola. Shalom. I'm Ariel

I started doing what I do ever since I can remember. I was 10 and my big brother just started learning graphic and web design. I was bored and wanted to help him do his homework. That's how I learned to use Photoshop, and I continued using it through most of my childhood. Eventually, in 2011 after I finished my military service, it became my profession.

Today I’m a freelancer. Usually, I work with product directors to develop intuitive experiences and user interfaces that meet their business goals. Sometimes I also jump into front end development. My newest passion is creating animated prototypes to illustrate the 'feel' of the product.

I'm doing it all because I enjoy making an impact. Seeing that a solution that I helped develop improved the engagement rate by 10% always means alot to me. It makes me feel that my job is important and helps people. That's why I only work on projects and with teams I believe in.

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Send me an email to hi@arielverber.com, or add me on Facebook.
Currently in Tel Aviv, looking for kickass teams to work with.