Waze Map Editor

Waze is one of the leading traffic and navigation apps in the world, used by millions every day. Much of its data is based on a community of volunteers from all around the world who work to make sure the data and the routing is accurate. The company was acquired by Google.

I joined as a contractor at May 2017, my main role was to take the Waze Map Editor - the tool where editors mostly fix roads and places, and redesign it from the ground up.

The previous editor

The main challenge with redesigning the WME was the complexity of it - there were over 150 screens or states, filled with weird behaviors, and inconsistencies between colors, fonts, shapes. The example shown here is just one state, and it was already easy to spot many design mistakes that needed to be fixed:

The redesign

Since there were many new features upcoming in the roadmap, the time scheduled for the development of the redesign was limited. I couldn’t just decide to rethink it from the ground up, and had to improve it as much as I could without breaking everything. I focused on fixing the main things that bothered the users.

Update requests & Map updates

One of the main features in the maps are the reports. Usually reported by the users or an automated script and managed by the volunteers. The original ones were clumsy. There were elements with scroll inside scrolls, the CTAs were radio buttons, and there was a clear absence of whitespace. I made sure to make them more functional, fixed crucial UX issues, and designed CTAs to help them handle them with only one click.

Map legend

To help the editors deal with all the changes, I’ve designed a fully responsive map legend. The legend shows all of the icons on the map, the editor symbols, road colors, and different types of map problems / update requests.

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