I’m working with Mobilize. which is a startup aiming to disrupt the way companies interact with their community. Their solution is a platform where a company can interact with its entire community, without requiring all of its members to sign in to a social network. Since Mobilize's clients vary from non-profit organizations to on-demand workforce or corporates, many features for the different use-cases are needed, which makes the platform rather complicated. My mission in Mobilize is to help the platform be as simple as possible for the user, and also make sure it looks friendly and professional.

Brand and Website

As part of the work I designed a new logo, and did the commerical website (The company since then has passed between different designers and a few concepts, so the concept presented here was not fully implemented).


My main job was helping with the platform, over 200 screens I had to build, with multiple versions for some of the screens until the best concept was chosen.

Next Project

Momento Gif Maker