Momento is an app that automatically creates beautiful gifs from the photos saved on your iPhone. My friend Genady has been working on it since 2016, and after seeing him progresses with it so much I felt like I want to take part and help him with some product design challenges just as he began to monitize his app. Luckilly for me, he agreed.

The old design

The old design was done mostly by Genady himself, a developer with no design background.
He did get some help from different designers, but the overall experience is not complete. There was a big lack of consistency, absence of color and different other design mistakes in each screen.

The Redesign

Most of the work was the app itself. I made some tests in typography, researched different ways to show a gallery, and explored filters navigation systems from different apps in the field.

New App Icon

Like every project I take, I can only make it work if the visual language is strong enough. If it's not, I usually try to fix that as well.
In Momento, I started with the app icon, which was the 'gate' to the app and also influenced the downloads. The new icon was based on the current one, and added warmer colors and a new icon for the premium members.

Different Screens

Making all screens work together seamlessly with a unified and consistent design language.

Next Project

Waze Map Editor