Raphael Ultraf

Raphael is an Israeli manufacturer of control valves (Part of the Talis group).
Together with them, me and my team worked to connect these valves to the Internet of things.
Changing the watering amount, pressure change, weekly plans, and more complex operations that used to require reading a complicated manual and handling with hardware, were all simplified by us in order to make it all available from an app.
My role was everything related to the product, from understanding the user flows to the tiny interactions.

Defining the User Flow

The industry is relatively new, and the solutions are not obvious. As part of my job I had to ask the right questions so that future users, who are non-tech and use traditional software for years, will understand how to use this software. To add to the complexity, there are 5 different types of software, with different permissions, that all should be controlled from the same app.

Improving the Visual Language

The original logo and brand book I got from the client didn’t feel like something I can work with in a digital environment.
It looked corporate and not digital. That's why I helped rebrand the product by retouching the logo, changing the fonts and colors so that they will all work good together in the app.

Finally.. Some GUI

Once the branding and flow were approved, it became easier to achieve decent results with the actual screens design.
The main challenge creating the GUI, since the users are international and not neccessarily educated, was trying to reduce words, and use clear icons and graphics instead.


Before shipping, I also created some prototypes to explain to the developer how the app should not only look, but also feel.

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